Are Players Right? You Can't Respect Coaches Who Didn't Play?

With Two-Time AFC Coach of the Year RON MEYER


There was a little controversy with the Florida Marlins several days ago, with a spoiled prima donna player saying he couldn't respect a manager who never played the game.

Unfortunately, this attitude is far too prevalent with players in any sport. To a degree, I can understand it. Professional athletes think they're special. Therefore, anybody who DIDN'T make the pro's isn't as special as they are!

But, when you sit down and analyze it, it's a pretty dumb belief.

  • A lot of what a player does is "production," while a lot of what a coach or manger does is "teaching skills" and "strategy." Those aren't the same thing. Often they're miles a part. The player thinks to himself "he doesn't know what I'm going through" regarding managers without big time experience. Well, the player doesn't know what the coach or manager is going through either!
  • Coaches THINK, players DO. And there's no guarantee at all that a guy who was good at "doing" is going to be good at "thinking." In fact, many of the WORST coaches and managers in all sports were former players...who got hired for the very worst of reasons. Pick any laughingstock leader in any sport, and he was probably a former player who was in over his head trying to lead a team. When a spoiled loudmouth starts talking about not respecting somebody who didn't would be great if the press could provide him with a list of guys who played and failed miserably as coaches.

And, if you're talking about football, many former players have taken a few thousand blows to the head. Do you want the guy in charge of strategy to be somebody who's taken a few thousand blows to the head?!

  • Many of the breakthroughs leading to success stories in major sports this decade have come from non-players. The use of stats in baseball put math geeks in the front office...then the teams with the math geeks kept making the playoffs. The same thing has been happening in the NBA the last few years. You may have read some articles about that. I can tell you it's happening in pro football too. Smart franchises are always ahead of the curve. Being ahead of the curve these days means thinking outside the box of former players.

As a handicapper, I'm paying close attention to this because I've seen things blow up in both directions. Teams who "drink the kool-aid" and trust guys who aren't former players often take their sport by storm. Joe Maddon of the Tampa Bay Rays never made it past "A" ball, and that was 30 years ago. He led the Rays to the World Series in 2008. Teams who get in their head that the manager doesn't deserve respect often fail miserably. If the players don't believe in their coach or manager, ownership has to make a change.

You obviously want to bet on teams who have respect for their leader, and bet against teams who don't!

This is why you should be paying attention to coaches and managers when you handicap. Who knows what he's doing? Who's in over his head? Who used to be an elite leader but got too old to maintain the respect of a younger generation of players? Who's a sharp up-and-comer who's going to take his sport by storm? You answer these questions, and it's worth 20 or 30 net winners instead of just one or two!

Stop losing on your own. Start believing in a coach who knows what he's doing. With me you won't be drinking will be champagne!

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It's time for YOU to put A COACH IN YOUR CORNER!


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