I Told You LeBron?s Arm Might SHOCK the System!

From the "King of Las Vegas"WAYNE ROOT!


It was the biggest surprise of the playoff so far. Not that Cleveland lost...but that Cleveland got ANNIHILATED at home by Boston this past Monday Night.

Cleveland didn't just drop a home game. They trailed by 25 points in the fourth quarter! The Cavs played nowhere near their former level of play, as an injured LeBron James hurts them on both sides of the court.

  • LeBron doesn't trust his outside shot any more. It hurts too much to shoot! He covered that up in the first game by penetrating and scoring on the Celtics defense. Boston, realizing he was no longer going to shoot from outside, made some defensive adjustments in Game Two that reduced LeBron's impact on the scoreboard.
  • LeBron is looking to pass to get his teammates involved. A few of those teammates played very well in Saturday's Game One victory. They all disappeared in Game Two!
  • LeBron is still a plus defensively even when hurt. But, he can't play with his normal level of aggression on defense or on the boards because he's trying to protect his arm. What sets Cleveland apart from so many other teams is the fact that LeBron is GREAT at everything...a true MVP. Knock him down to just "good"at everything, and Cleveland's like everyone else. Maybe worse because his teammates aren't used to having the pressure on them to perform on command.

It's too early to say that Cleveland is in big trouble for the series. They can win on the road. Boston is inconsistent, meaning they can lose at home even if the Cavs aren't playing all that great. I do think LeBron's injured arm has set up a SHOCK THE SYSTEM scenario that could easily keep Cleveland out of the championships for a second straight year.

  • Cleveland was supposedly a LOCK last year to get to the finals. Marketers had even put together a LeBron/Kobe puppet promotion because it seemed so likely the Cavs and Lakers would play for the trophy. Orlando SHOCKED THE SYSTEM by taking out the Cavs with surprising ease.
  • If Cleveland manages to survive Boston this week and next, ORLANDO IS WAITING IN THE WINGS AGAIN!

This is why you have to be able to think and react on the fly if you're a sports handicapper or big time sports bettor. Stuff happens! Stars get injured. It rains most of the day at the Kentucky Derby. Frustrated teams implode. Coaches lose their cool. Try programming all THAT into a computer!

You don't see any computers listed on the Vegas "Walk of Fame."Nobody calls a computer or a stat nit "The KING OF LAS VEGAS."You have to know how to THINK, how to BET, and how to WIN regardless of the curveballs thrown your way. You know what I do when I see a curveball? I hit it out of the park!

I've been on fire in all sports of late. Clients are 7-2 the last few days, plus we scored that 8-1 return on SUPER SAVER in the KENTUCKY DERBY. I've got big plays going nightly in the NBA playoffs...and baseball has been a blast so far. Call 1-877-ROOT-WINS to sign up for service. Don't forget that you can try out a day or two here at the website with your credit card if you prefer to take care of business online. You can also sign up for the rest of basketball or baseball with a few quick clicks.

I'm not afraid of the element of surprise. I welcome it. I can see surprises coming before the oddsmakers do. That's how I became who I am. I can assure you more SHOCKERS are on the way. That's why it's time for you to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


With Two-Time AFC Coach of the Year RON MEYER


Even though I've always thought Mike Brown didn't get enough credit as head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers during the LeBron James era...I have to admit that Brown will be in big trouble if Cleveland fails to get past the Boston Celtics in their second-round NBA series.

That became a definite possibility when the Cavs lost 104-86 Monday Night at HOME as 6-point favorites. They're far from eliminated. But, they have lost home court advantage in the series for the time being...and must win a game at Boston (maybe AT LEAST one!) if they want to advance to the Eastern finals.

Brown deserves credit for all of the following I believe:

  • Emphasizing defense and rebounding on a team that easily could have focused on celebrating its star player at the expense of playing REAL basketball.
  • Building great chemistry by finding the right mix of guys for the locker room. I can tell you from first hand coaching experience how important this is. LeBron James invited his teammates to the podium when he was given the MVP award this past weekend. It was a sincere gesture, and a great "team"moment that reflected very well on the head coach.
  • Accepting and living with the fact that he was in a no-win situation. If the Cavaliers won, James would get all the credit. If the Cavaliers lost, their coach would get all the blame. It takes a special leader to succeed in those circumstances. Many coaches are egomaniacs who want the credit for wins, but want the players to get blame for the losses.

That being said...

  • Cleveland didn't respond well to adversity last year, losing to the Orlando Magic in six games (and it might have been five if not for a miracle three-pointer from James at the end of Game Two). Cleveland was a heavy favorite in the series, yet rarely looked like the better team.
  • Cleveland couldn't solve the riddle of Boston two seasons ago in a second round series. Yes, that was the same Celtics squad that would go on to win the championship. Still, the Cavs failed to make the proper adjustments that would allow them to win on the road. The perception was that coaching let them down rather than James letting them down. Standards are high when people expect a championship!
  • Fans and the media first started paying attention to Brown in the NBA championship series against San Antonio in June of 2007. It's a bit unfair to judge because it was his first rodeo...James was so young...and they were running into the San Antonio dynasty (and Brown used to be an assistant for the Spurs). That was a 4-0 sweep for San Antonio.

That's two losses to league champions, and one to a conference champion. It's also three high profile series where many felt that Cleveland was outcoached.

Should Cleveland fall to Boston over the next several days because Brown couldn't come up with a way to overcome the elbow injury of James, we may truly see the dismantling of the Cavaliers franchise. LeBron will try out free agency and possibly land in a bigger market. Brown will be run out of town as the guy who "couldn't win the big one"even when he had the Michael Jordan of our era on his team.

Since I handicap from a coaching perspective, I'm going to be watching this angle very closely in Games Three and Four of this series. The media is focused on LeBron. I'm focused on:

  • Coach Brown
  • How the players are responding to Brown
  • How the players are hustling defensively and on the boards
  • The body language of the coaches and players during time-outs when things are tough

Cleveland went 1-5 ATS last year in the Orlando series. We could see a replay here if Brown doesn't take command of the situation QUICK!

How have things been going for YOU so far in the playoffs? If you're struggling, you need to do something QUICK as well! I've been cashing ticket after ticket through MARCH MADNESS and the NBA Playoffs with my personal service. You can sign up by calling 1-877-540-8787. Game day releases and packages can also be purchased here at the website with your credit card.

Cleveland's success or failure in the coming days will be largely influenced by the coach on their sideline. You're success or failure could well hinge on having A COACH IN YOUR CORNER!

 "COACH'S CORNER"is an ongoing series presented by VegasSportsMasters.com and two-time AFC Coach of the Year RON MEYER. For more information on Coach's THREE-POINT BASKETBALL CLUB, call 1-877-540-8787.


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