Shockers Often Determined By Extenuating Circumstances

From the "King of Las Vegas" WAYNE ROOT!


I firmly believe some big surprises are in store in the coming days and weeks concerning the NBA playoffs. And, the stage is being set NOW for those surprises to occur in ways that you need to be thinking about.

Let's go back to MARCH MADNESS, which was one of the most surprising tournaments we've seen in ages.

  • Butler was the biggest surprise of all, reaching the championship game as a mid-major. They deserve credit for what they accomplished. Just remember that they were helped along by the fact that Syracuse lost a key player to injury before the tournament, and that Kansas State had to go overtime in a wild game vs. Xavier two days before the Elite Eight.
  • Michigan State joined Butler as a #5 seed to reach the Final Four. They were greatly assisted by the fact that Northern Iowa took top seeded Kansas out of their brackets. And, it didn't hurt that Tennessee eliminated #2 Ohio State. Michigan State played well. Circumstances beyond their control gave them a bit of a tailwind.
  • Purdue looked to be a great championship darkhorse with a few weeks to go in the regular season. A bad luck injury to their star ruined their chances, and greased the path for whoever would get to face the Boilermakers in the postseason.

The dynamics of a tournament are complicated...and something that happens in one place can greatly affect something that happens somewhere else down the road. Even though the NBA tries to nullify the influences of randomness in its "championship tournament" by playing best-of-seven series rather than one-and-done knockouts, this phenomenon is still in play. Be sure you're considering the following possibilities:

  • The fact that one team could get so worn down in a first round war that they're ill-suited to play well in the second round.
  • The fact that a strong team can develop bad habits vs. a weak first round opponent that could influence how they perform in crunch time the rest of the way (Charles Barkley was lecturing the Cleveland Cavaliers about this Monday Night).
  • The fact that a shooter who has a big game from three-point land might decide to launch a bunch of ill-timed three's in possessions that can't afford to fail (this is part of why Kentucky lost to West Virginia in the Dance, and may derail a few pro teams with undisciplined shooters).
  • The fact that minor "he can play through it" injuries worsen over time if players aren't resting (Vegas lines are very poor at adjusting for players who are gradually losing their effectiveness). If a guy is playing with a bad back or bum ankle now, it's not like it's going to get any better during the playoff wars!

SHOCK THE SYSTEM explosions are often triggered by lit fuses that people weren't paying enough attention to at the time. Whether you're talking about one-game upsets where a league power stubs its toe before getting settled, or a series upset like Orlando over Cleveland last year where a supposed longshot takes advantage of an overrated favorite, SHOCKERS can usually be traced back to a few key elements that happened earlier in the process.

The NBA playoffs just started. We're early in the process. Keep your eyes open for key factors that will trigger surprising results next week and in the later rounds.

I'm known as THE KING OF UPSETS. I've earned that title because I know how to spot the little things that are about to become big things. I know how to see tipping points before they're reached. I see mole hills that are about to turn into mountains. If you want to maximize your edge in Las Vegas betting, you need to develop these skills.

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We've started seeing STUNNERS these past few days in the playoffs. It's only going to get wilder and crazier with all the minor injuries, volatile personalities, and ego-centric coaches in the mix.

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With Two-Time AFC Coach of the Year RON MEYER


I'm always surprised how often an NBA playoff series comes down to a few simple keys. The pundits will talk for hours about all sorts of irrelevant stuff. Now there's often two different color announcers at the same game arguing with each other about who's clutch and who isn't.

Look, winning is very simple when it comes down to the playoffs. You have to find a weakness on the other side, and attack it. If you can't find a weakness, you're going to lose. If you can find a weakness, you have a productive plan of attack that will get you points when you need them.

For some teams, it's a matter of getting the ball in the right guy's hands and getting out of his way. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant when he's at full health, and now Kevin Durant is on that list. You dare the other guys to stop your best. If they can't, that's a weakness you're exploiting.

For others, it's finding the scorer who's most likely to beat the man who's guarding him. If your post guy can spin circles around the opposing center, you pound it into him and let him work. If the other team is strong in the paint, you find the guard who can take his man off the dribble.

In the matchups where the opponents play great rotation defenses inside, you penetrate and kick out to your three-point shooters.

Teams that are good enough to make the playoffs have some defensive strengths. Most have a link in the chain that doesn't measure up. Good coaches try to find that link and smash it...particularly in the last few minutes of a close game.

As you watch the playoff games this week on ESPN, TNT, ABC, and the NBA Network, I want you to think about what each coach is doing about the other guy's chain. How are they attacking when they need a basket? Which offensive player has the ball in his hands? Who's defending him? Is he getting double-teamed and refusing to throw the ball to the open man?

My background is in football. I knew which side of the line to attack with my ground game. I knew which defensive backs to throw at. Defensively, I knew what opposing lineman to try to send a blitz by...and which opposing quarterbacks were most prone to wilt under pressure.

THIS IS WHAT MATTERS! You can take your Power Ratings, and your stats, and your trends...and if they're not reflecting on this stuff, you need to throw them out and start thinking like a coach! A good power rating doesn't matter if you can't guard Dirk Nowitzki or get in the face of Denver's three-point shooters. Historic trends don't matter if you can't find a whole in the opposing defense in the fourth quarter. When it comes to crowning a champion, stats are trivia.

I'd have to say that NBA playoff action has more of a "football feel" than any other time in any other sport. It's possession by possession of X's and O's, often featuring veteran teams who have scouted each other very closely. You don't get that in MARCH MADNESS, as fun as that is. You don't get it in baseball because the dynamic is pitcher vs. hitter instead of team vs. team.

If the playoffs have a football feel to them, doesn't it make sense to sign up with a football coach? You want stats, trends, or Power Rating guys after everything I just said? No, you want an X's and O's guy who knows how to analyze a game. Call 1-877-540-8787 right now to sign up with my playoff service. We're just a few days into the playoffs, so all the big plays are still ahead. Game day releases and package services can also be purchased here at the website with your credit card.

Teams destined to win in the NBA will be doing so because their coach is finding the matchup edge they need to exploit. It's time for YOU to become a winner by putting A COACH IN YOUR CORNER!


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