W.A.R. Finding Mid-Major Cinderellas

From the "King of Las Vegas" WAYNE ROOT!


How do you find a Cinderella team that will SHOCK THE SYSTEM in one of the mid-major tournaments going on this week?

I've got several strategies that have worked for me over the years. We may not have one in every single tournament among the Missouri Valley, Colonial, Horizon, Southern, Ohio Valley, Metro Atlantic, and West Coast Conferences. Favorites have a pretty good history in these leagues. I do think at least one huge surprise is in store...and we'll have a few "near misses" too who will cover their spreads even if they end up losing their last game straight up to a conference power.

What do I look for when trying to hunt down mid-major Cinderella's?

  • Hot teams! Anyone who closed the season on a roll is very likely to carry that momentum into their conference tournament. They're playing at peak confidence. They've got the pieces in place. Maybe they won't go the distance. But, they'll top Vegas expectations because the lines still haven't adjusted.
  • Flat favorites! You see this time and time again in postseason tournaments. Whenever the top seed is already a lock for an invitation, they lose their intensity and play below expectations. That opens the door for a Cinderella to walk right through in her shiny glass slippers. Many in the media often forget that Cinderella's can't happen unless a favorite loses focus. Surging underdogs lose close games to quality seeds who are focused...they upset flat favorites!
  • Star players who can carry their teams! This is very big in tournaments because you see a lot of halfcourt games that come down to the last possession. A go-to guy who can produce is a lot more valuable in playoff style basketball than he is during the ebb and flow of the regular season. You have fewer run-and-gun shootouts, and more games where one main guy can take over. Look for underdogs who shine in low scoring halfcourt games. And, don't be afraid to ask their best player to win straight up for you on the moneyline.

*Smart young coaches! This is where the young guns make a name for themselves. There are always some guys anxious to climb the ladder from one level to the next. Well, these mid major tournaments is where they put themselves on the map so they can get noticed. Many of the major conference coaches you see on TV all the time now started out as mid major coaches who strung together big wins in postseason tournaments. Since playoff style basketball is all about X's and O's, a smart coach becomes money in the bank against the Vegas spread.

I won't get specific about which particular teams I'm looking at. That information is for paying customers! If you'd like some help finding some Cinderella's in this week's tournament action, sign up for my MARCH MADNESS PROGRAM by calling 1-877-ROOT-WINS. You can also take care of business here at the website. Be sure to check for game day announcements about PERFECT PLAYS when you call the office or visit us here on the web.

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