NBA Trade Deadline -- Lots of Talk, Not Much Action







Let’s face it … when Taj Gibson and Nerlens Noel are the biggest names moved right before closing time of the NBA Trade Deadline, you know it wasn’t much of a day.

Big deal, you say. You’re right!

The fact of the matter is there was a heckuva lot hot air coming from the TV talking heads and the internet/newspaper “insiders” and yet the Trade Deadline came and went with the biggest move one that happened days ago when New Orleans acquired DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins and his debut in the City That Care Forgot didn’t go very well in a resounding 129-99 loss to the Houston Rockets … told y’all it wasn’t gonna be all peaches-n-cream from the get-go!

Okay, so by now everyone knows the drill in terms of NBA Trade Deadline “winners” and “losers” – you never really know which is which for quite a while -- but instead we prefer to give some real analyses to the deals that just went down the past few days … and the ones that didn’t. So here goes:

So, the aforementioned Gibson along with smooth shooter Doug McDermott and a 2018 second-round draft pick moved from Chicago to Oklahoma City for a trio of nobodies as the Bulls confirmed rumors it was riding itself of locker room “characters” (see Gibson) while Philadelphia sent the 6-foot-11 Noel packing to Dallas for a package that includes has-been Andrew Bogut and a future first-round draft pick.

Unless you’re the type to get all juiced up by names such as G Tyler Ennis (from Houston to the Los Angeles Lakers) or creaky C Roy Hibbert (from Milwaukee-to-Denver) the NBA Trade Deadline was a major waste of time and we’re among the many folks wondering why didn’t Indiana, the above-mentioned Lakers and Toronto get more involved. Okay, we understand Boston standing pat as the Celtics rightfully didn’t want to trade that potential #1 draft pick acquired years ago from the Brooklyn Nets and we get why Cleveland didn’t mortgage down-the-road draft picks for a “rental” but for all the hullaballoo regarding this particular NBA Trade Deadline, it wound up being an exercise in futility.

And add to the fact the New York Knicks and their long-suffering fans now must listen to more Carmelo Anthony trade talk from now to the summer … can’t take it anymore!


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The NCAA Tournament folks will be doling out their here-and-now top 16 seeds for next month’s “Big Dance” at some point this weekend but we wanted to beat ‘em to the punch … and so here’s how we see the top portion of the brackets:



1 - Villanova

2 – Florida

3 – Duke

4 – Wisconsin


Note: ‘Nova should hopes it can “stay home” with potential Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games being played at familiar Madison Square Garden (see March 24 and 26).



1 – Kansas

2 – Arizona

3 – Louisville

4 – Purdue


Note: Maybe you don’t think it fair that the Kansas Jayhawks would be playing Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games in Kansas City (MO) but them’s the breaks!




1 – Oregon

2 – North Carolina

3 – Baylor

4 – Kentucky

Note: Got a feeling that Oregon is gonna win the Pac-12 Tournament (subject to change, of course!) but committee folks not apt to KO an unbeaten Gonzaga from top perch in the West, so the Ducks must fly south.



1 – Gonzaga

2 – UCLA

3 – Florida State

4 – Butler


Note: The NCAA Tourney folks would pay you top dollar right now if it can get a Gonzaga vs. UCLA showdown in the West Regional Final.


If we had to put a couple of right-on-their-tails teams here that could slip into the top 16 seeds then we’d be thinking Notre Dame, Maryland and/or Cincinnati providing they can get hot in these final few games.


NOTE: More College Hoops and NBA Notes in the next Jim Sez plus there’s plenty of NFL Draft goodies straight ahead in future columns, so don’t dare miss out!


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