College Hoops Ups & Downs


Probably the second best situation in all of sports for using a ZIG-ZAG mentality is from mid-January to mid February in college basketball. This is where teams show the most extremes in ups and downs.

In football, the seasons are too short for their to be dramatic ups and downs. There are letdowns and lookaheads to be sure, but you don't see many teams zig-zagging between good and bad games for long periods of time.

In baseball, the quality of starting pitchers will trump the zig zag tendencies of an offense. Ace starters will win even without much runs support. Bad starters will lose even if they get some runs.

In pro basketball, there's s little parity that you can keep winning when you're flat during an easy part of the schedule, or keep losing if you're playing well if you happen to run into the league powers for a couple of weeks.

It's in the colleges, where EMOTIONS are so important that asking teams to zig and zag from game to game has the best fit to on-court reality, while also giving you plenty of games to bet. It's a heavy action tendency, which is the best kind to have when you want to GET THE BEST OF IT!

Between now and a month from now, you're going to find several college teams who just bounce back and forth from game to game.

*They'll get up for Duke, Ohio State, or whoever the best team in their conference is, but they'll be flat just before and just after.

*They'll swap great shooting games with bad shooting games, having seemingly no control over whether or not their own shots will go in.

*Some will play great at home, but lousy on the road...setting up zig zags when teams bounce back and forth within their conference schedules.

*Some will get up for hated rivals, but play flat for run-of-the-mill foes, creating ups and downs emotionally. This is particularly true in the larger conferences that have split divisions. Texas A&M gets a lot more fired up for teams in the Big 12 South than they do for Nebraska and Iowa State for example.

I'm really emphasizing this now because we're in the sweet spot of the season where the players still care. Once mid-February rolls around, bad teams who have thrown in the towel won't zig zag because they never play well! And, there are even some good teams who will slump against the spread because they're already thinking about the postseason in March. Different parts of the season dictate different strategies. RIGHT NOW is the best time to look for zigging and zagging in college hoops.

Don't get frustrated that college teams seem so inconsistent. Embrace it. Apply the proven logic and success of the ZIG-ZAG to make sure you're GETTING THE BEST OF IT!


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