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Blue Ribbon Club Goes 2-0!
Grizzlies (+1.5) Magic 99-94 WON!
Syracuse (-6) Georgetown 73-56 WON!

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Hawks (+1) Rockets 102-95 WON!
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By Jim Hurley:

Once upon a time the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints were the talk of the 2009 NFL season as they rolled along at 14-0 and 13-0, respectively.
Now, everyone can go ahead and talk about 'em for another couple of weeks - the Colts are headed for their second Super Bowl in four years and the Saints are headed for their first Super Bowl ever.
Let the good times roll, indeed!
A Colts-Saints clash in Super Bowl XLIV on Feb. 7th in Miami means a few things at first glance:
It means #1 conference seeds - finally - both won on Championship Game Sunday for the first time since the 1993 season (see Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills) and it means some folks holding "win it all" tickets will soon pad their wallet:
If you didn't already know, the Colts - a 4-point betting favorite right now for SB XLIV - entered this season at 12-to-1 odds to cop this year's Super Bowl crown while the Saints were priced at 15-to-1.
Betcha didn't realize that six teams had shorter "win-it-all" odds than did Indianapolis while eight NFL teams had shorter prices than New Orleans. Hmmm.
Hey, there's plenty of time in these next two weeks to chew up and digest all the Colts and Saints stuff we can get our hands on - this Jim Sez column will be devoted to the games just played and, whoa, there's plenty to say about both the Saints' 31-28 overtime win against the Minnesota Vikings and the Colts' 30-17 triumph over the New York Jets and we'll get to the NFL Championship Game re-caps shortly but first this important reminder:
Jim Hurley and his Handicappers and Bloggers will release the Side & Totals Winners for Super Bowl XLIV on Game-Day morning and so that means for the better part of the next two weeks it's time get your hands on all the 2009-10 College Basketball and NBA Winners.
No doubt that Jim's been red-hot in his Hoop Selections in recent weeks - note the famed Cashline is a sizzling 16-8 since Jan. 13th - and so no reason to mope just because the Super Bowl seems far off in the distant future. There's daily Basketball Winners on tap and all you have to do is check with us at our exclusive toll-free telephone # of 1-800-323-4453 or else when you simply log online right here.
Check in either way Mondays-through-Fridays anytime after 1 p.m. ET for all the NCAA Basketball and NBA games and after 10 a.m. ET on Saturday and Sunday.
Keep on piling up those profits all winter long!


NEW ORLEANS 31, MINNESOTA 28 (OT) - Was it fate or destiny that had its fingerprints all over the late stages of this title tilt inside the Superdome?
Well, no doubt Vikings' fans feel their fate was sealed when 40-year-old QB Brett Favre aired that ill-advised cross-field pass late in regulation that was picked off by Saints' CB Tracy Porter.
And maybe fate intervened when it came to that unbelievably critical 12-men-in-the-huddle penalty that immediately preceded that Favre interception.
To think all the Vikings had to do with a minute remaining was gain a few yards and send veteran PK Ryan Longwell out their for a game-winning kick - but it never did come to that. Porter's pick kept the Saints alive and then destiny intervened in the form of a coin toss - Minny called "heads" and was wrong and Favre and Company never did see the ball again as New Orleans traveled 39 yards in 10 plays - it only seemed that each and every one of the plays was revived in the replay booth! - and then kid kicker Garrett Harley became an overnight sensation with his right-down-the-middle 40-yard field goal with 10:15 left in overtime.
No doubt that aforementioned Favre interception - and the ensuing coin flip - doomed the Vikings who now have lost their last five NFC Championship Games - but let's start asking our Jim Sez questions right here:
Why did Minnesota head coach Brad Childress and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell get so darned conservative once the Vikes got to the New Orleans 33-yard line with just over a minute left in regulation? Runs to the right by RBs Chester Taylor and Adrian Peterson produced zero yards between 'em and the clock kept ticking down until that too-many-men penalty with 19 seconds left.
Why didn't the Vikes call a timeout to avoid the confusion? Why didn't the coaches make it clear to Favre that all the Vikings needed were a couple of yards and Longwell would be attempting a 46- or 47-yarder (the Fox TV folks said he was making them from 52 yards out in pre-game warm-ups)?
Instead, Favre (28-of-46 for 310 yards passing with 1 TD and 2 INT) got reckless - right, not the first time in his 19-year career that he's done so - and a Minnesota team that cranked out 475 offensive yards wound up answering questions afterwards why it was so tough to just get a couple of yards to set up Longwell and thus toss the Saints from the post-season once and for all.
Okay, so the stats from this game don't lie:
The Vikes out-gained New Orleans by 218 yards but five turnovers - including three crippling lost fumbles - devastated Minnesota and allowed the Saints to "steal" this one in front of their record crowd of 71,276 but here's some other cold/hard facts that many of the TV talking heads didn't get into late Sunday night:
The Saints won on a day when QB Drew Brees (17-of-31 for 197 yards with 3 TDs and 0 INTs) wasn't always his accurate self - heck, a batch of his third-down passes didn't have much zing to them at all - and while we're at it did you notice that New Orleans converted only 3-of-12 third-down plays and produced only 15 first downs (Minnesota had 31 first downs) in all?
Brees was sacked just once but the specter of that Minnesota pass rush played games with him for much of this evening (see batted passes, "happy feet", etc.) and the Saints had their own self-destructive nature with 88 penalty yards - and head coach Sean Payton didn't exactly author a great game plan despite the fact New Orleans scored a touchdown in each quarter in regulation.
Payton relied more on extra offensive linemen and a second tight end to get the Saints short-yardage gainers but where was the usual explosiveness - where were the deep patterns against a Minnesota secondary that had holes of its own?
Check the stats and you'll notice no Saints pass-catcher hauled in 40 yards of receptions (five players had 22-or-more receiving yards) and so you'll be excused for scratching your head and wondering why the NFC's top-seeded team - one that scored 40-plus points on five different occasions this season - just didn't cut it loose more when it did have the opportunities to do more.
The record books will show this as a "thrilling" overtime game but the fact is both teams deserved to lose more than they deserved to win - the game lacked a real rhythm and every time it appeared one team would take charge they would stumble badly.
The Favre interception will be the one highlight that gets played over and over and over again here - but Childress/Bevell better take the hit on that 12-men penalty that may go down as the most costly flag in Vikings team history.


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We're down to one football game left, Super Bowl XLIV between the Colts and Saints on February 7 in Miami. You're disappointed the football season is about over and wondering where to go from here. We're disappointed too--when you've gone 2-1 on Championship Sunday (won both sides with Colts & Vikes, missed with Under on the Indy game), won your Divisional Playoff Game of the Year (Saints over Cards) and your Side & Total Parlay of the Year in the Wild-Card Round (Cards over Packers, plus the Over), you're bound to be bummed that it's almost over. But we have no doubt about where we're going from here. The same place we've going consistently since late October and that's to the basketball court where we fight and hustle for every win!

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Celtics-Magic (8 ET, TNT); Mavericks-Suns (10:30, TNT)
A great NBA doubleheader. Boston's been slumping, but Kevin Garnett is back. Can they win in Orlando? Dallas is red-hot, but is this another Mavs' tease?

Real college basketball handicappers know the Ivy League up and down, because it's the only place for Friday college action. Four games on the board: Penn-Yale, Harvard-Columbia, Dartmouth-Cornell, Princeton-Brown. One of these is a betting blockbuster. Do you know which one? We do!

What a series of great games to pick from. Marquee non-conference games like Duke-Georgetown. Grudge matches like Kansas-Kansas State or La Salle-Temple or Indiana-Illinois. Key games in conference races like Vanderbilt-Kentucky. We'll have our three best ready and waiting!

Nuggets-Spurs (1 ET, ABC)Celtics-Lakers (3:30 ET, ABC)
A terrific NBA doubleheader. The Nuggets try and prove their bona fides on the road in the West. The Celtics and Lakers renew their rivalry, with each team looking to find their footing and restore respect. How do you find the winners? If you've got Hurley's resources, it's as easy as A-B-C!
ESPN's now-traditional Big East-Big 12 showdown. UConn visits Louisville, a place they won big last year. Does the 'Vill have revenge on its mind? How's UConn doing with Coach Calhoun out? Our sources know. And Texas goes to Oklahoma State, a game our basketball gurus have been eyeing up for several weeks, having isolated a personnel mismatch that the line won't pick up.
Michigan State visits Wisconsin with a chance to blow open the Big Ten race. Can the Badgers work more Kohl Center magic. Ole Miss goes to Kentucky. Can anyone slow down John Wall & Co, or are pointspreads getting too big for the 'Cats to cover? We know!
It's the biggest night of the weeknight calendar for college hoops. The card is target-rich and the linesmaker can't keep up with everything. We're looking at games like Pitt-West Virginia, Kansas-Colorado, Arkansas-Georgia, DePaul-Marquette, N.C. State-Virginia. We're also looking far from the marquee conferences, at games like Albany-Binghamton or Elon-Wofford to catch the linesmaker with his points down.

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Bulls-Hawks (8 ET ), Nuggets-Lakers (10:30 ET)
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Time for the biggest basketball bet yet! A great card that includes Villanova-Georgetown, Michigan State-Illinois,. Texas-Oklahoma and Duke-Boston College is the perfect venue for our College Parlay of the Month!
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INDIANAPOLIS 30, NEW YORK JETS 17 - If nothing else, the Colts proved there was always a "Plan B".
In the days leading up to this game at Lucas Oil Field, the talk in/around New York City was that the Colts could be in real trouble if star WR Reggie Wayne couldn't shake loose on (Darrelle) "Revis Island" … not quite.
Okay, so Wayne wound up catching just three QB Peyton Manning passes worth 55 yards but everyone else had a veritable field day:
Manning (26-of-39 for 377 yards passing with 3 TDs and 0 INTs) was - once again - the best player in the NFL on this Sunday (in any city!) and he showed plenty of faith in young WRs Pierre Garcon (11 catches for 151 yards and one score) and Austin Collie (7 receptions worth 123 yards and one TD) as this dynamic duo more than held their own against the NFL's top-rated defense.
And the first question begging to be asked is this:
Why didn't the Jets move CB Revis around more as they did in last week's AFC Divisional Playoff win in San Diego and why didn't chatty Jets head coach Rex Ryan make more adjustments to slow down Manning and Company in the second half?
No doubt that Manning's three completions to Collie totaling 80 yards right before halftime (and culminating in a 16-yard bullet touchdown pass with 1:13 left in the half) jump-started a Colts offense that really stagnated in the game's first 28 minutes of play. Manning was sacked twice in the first quarter, Wayne (and TE Dallas Clark) couldn't seem to shake free and it seemed the Jets defense often knew what was coming but once the Indy slinger "got it figured out" there was no stopping him:
The AFC's top seed cranked out second-half scoring drives of 57, 80 and 71 yards - two TDs and a Matt Stover field goal - and in the process chewed up approximately 12 minutes in play clock and forced the Jets to get frustrated when they did have the ball. No question that Jets rookie QB Mark Sanchez (17-of-30 for 257 yards with two TDs and 1 INT) played extremely well and with extreme confidence but NYJ's ground game sputtered and the AFC East crew lost a lot of steam when rookie RB Shonn Green (10 carries for 41 yards) went down with a rib injury in the first half and never did return to action.
Hey, it was supposed to be the Jets who won the ground game hands down but instead Indy out-rushed the Jets 101-to-86 and some quick-hitter runs by Indy RB Joseph Addai (see 16 carries for 80 yards) shot a dagger into a Jets team that missed tackles, over-pursued ballcarriers and generally imploded even though Ryan claimed this was the best he felt about his team's defense all year long.
True, both DE Shaun Ellis and S Jim Leonhard botched one particular play when neither could wrap up a Colts rusher because of the protective casts on their hands but there was other open-field tackles that the Jets simply didn't miss in prior playoff wins at Cincinnati and San Diego - maybe the third road game in three weeks wore down the J-E-T-S but the fact is the Colts were the quicker team on this indoors surface and, once Manning finally got into a flow, he was downright masterful.
It's ironic that Jets' PK Jay Feely missed a pair of field goals here - remember it was the Bengals and Chargers that had gone a collective 0-for-5 in FG tries the past two weeks against New York - and you could make the argument that Ryan's club got a tad conservative in the play-calling that led up to Feely's lone make (a 48-yarder with 2:11 left before halftime) as NYJ went minus one yard in three plays before Feely boomed one that temporarily gave the Jets their biggest lead of this game at 17-6.
Maybe it was just a matter of time before Manning revved up the engines here - afterwards he kept referring to this whole game as a "grind" - but the Jets could have (and should have) done a little bit more in the first half instead of taking a mere 17-13 lead into intermission.
Now, Colts' first-year head coach Jim Caldwell can give his defense a nice pat on the head - and wonder if those young receivers will be this big come Supe Sunday.
Let the hype begin!

NOTE: Catch all the Hoops action in our Mid-Week Report in the next edition of Jim Sez.


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