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Jim Sez 5/29/2016 by Jim Hurley

Can They Catch The Cubs


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If you listen to the mainstream media, the NL Central has already been conceded to the Chicago Cubs. We won't deny the Cubs look awfully good, but no team plays at a .695 pace forever and Chicago has two challengers with a good pedigree behind them. The Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals are still lurking. Is there any reason to invest in them to win the division?

The good news for bettors is this - if you want to challenge the Cubs in the division, you need not choose between the challengers. The Pirates are available at 8-1 and the…

Sports Betting Notebook 5/28/2016 by Jim Hurley

Marlins Are Quietly Making a Profit


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The Miami Marlins aren't going to get a lot of media attention, not in an NL East dominated by the Washington Nationals and New York Mets. Heck, the Marlins aren't even the best underdog story in their own division - that honor so far belongs to the Philadelphia Phillies. But for baseball bettors, Miami is a gift that quietly keeps giving - with a 25-23 record and little respect from the market, the Marlins have turned a (+$411) profit for the season based on $100-per-game increments.

It's the combination of three young players and one outstanding starting pitcher that are the…

Hurley on Horses 5/27/2016 by Jim Hurley

Belmont Stakes Bulletin


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There is one thing about the Belmont Stakes that can be absolutely guaranteed. Over the course of the next two plus weeks you will hear it over, and over, and over again from bettors who had their deep closers run out of ground in the Derby and Preakness. "I love my horse in the Belmont, he will love the extra ground of the mile and a half race."

The eye test might convince bettors that this is reality, but evidence…

Exclusive Coverage of all NBA 5/29/2016

Thunder-Warriors Preview

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) After a record 73 wins and a memorable Game 6 comeback on the road, the Golden State Warriors' goal of getting back to the NBA Finals and defending their title comes down to Game 7 at home against the powerful Oklahoma City Thunder.

Exclusive Coverage of all MLB 5/29/2016

Tigers-Angels Preview

The last time the Detroit Tigers won a road series against the Los Angeles Angels, Justin Verlander was still two seasons away from winning his AL Cy Young Award.